Ornament Wreath

I stayed up late the other night after work to put up our Christmas tree. I had a bunch of ornaments left over because there are too many to put on our small tree. I started brainstorming what I could do with the left overs. I then decided to mimic some ornament wreaths we are selling at work (for $50 each).


I free handed it instead of using a wreath structure. You could use metal or foam. Heck you could even tape two ends of a swimming pool noodle and make a big one if you wanted.

All you need for this project is

  • ornaments (a couple different sizes)
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • wreath shape

you can also add in

  • greenery
  • ribbon
  • string lighting

You want to start on the outside of the wreath first, then the inner circle. After that it’s just a matter of adding a new layer and filling in the gaps.

pro tip- I made sure to mix the glittery/shiny bulbs with some of the duller ones to have a good visual diversity.

Also be sure of each placement because after they are glued together it can be a little hard to separate them. Not impossible, just difficult.


Fall Wreath

Our mom decorates the house whenever the seasons change and decorating for fall and Christmas are my two favorites to help with. Since this is Ken and I’s first house I wanted to start some of our own traditions but this is one of my mom’s traditions that I wanted to keep. I don’t have many decorations so I ended up getting creative and making some of my own. Plus making my own wreath was much cheaper than buying one. $8.50 via local Walmart.


I made a wreath back in Spring for the front door when we were still living in an apartment. So I just took off the spring flowers and redecorated the wicker wreath with Autumn foliage.


I used 2 bundles of each leaf color and 1 of the sunflowers. I couldn’t find my wire cutters so I used a similar tool to separate them into individual stems.


Then it was just a matter of wrapping the stems around and throughout the wreath. I attached the sunflowers first since they were the biggest, and then filled in the gaps with the leaves.


All finished. Just hang it up and enjoy the pop of color on your front door.