meal prep

Three On-The-Go Breakfasts

Mornings are the worst? Am I right? I’m a hit the snooze button four times; run a comb through my hair; this cosmic brownie will have to do for breakfast type of person. I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I have struggled with eating breakfast for years now. I always choose sleep over breakfast. Always.

Eating breakfast helps boost your metabolism for the day and keeps your energy levels going for the rest of the morning. Lately, my metabolism has slowed down. Maybe it’s the cosmic brownies for breakfast, lack of exercise or dare I say it, age. Either way I decided to make a change to my morning routine and these are the results.

Preppy prep

I don’t know how many articles I’ve read about food prep but they all list the benefits of meal prepping. I thought the idea was overwhelming at first. I told myself that I would wake up early and cook breakfast that day but you guessed it, it never happened. If you devote at least an hour out of your Sunday to prep for the week you will be way more successful at breakfast choices throughout the week. *I suggest you plan the hour around your favorite football game. Wouldn’t want to miss that. *


So what did I make?



I hard boiled eggs for a good source of protein and kept them in a container in the fridge. Some days I eat them with avocado or slice them and put them on a whole wheat bagel.

Overnight Oats


This overnight oatmeal has bananas, cinnamon and peanut butter.


I love oatmeal! It always fills me up and it’s cheap. I use to eat the individual packaged instant oatmeal but it has a ridiculous amount of sugar in such a small portion. So I started making overnight oats. Pour 1/2 cup of oats in a jar, add one cup of milk (I used almond) and then top with fruit, nuts or coconut. Close the lid and leave it in the fridge overnight. The results are a nice tasty breakfast in the morning.

Smoothie Packs


There are so many different options when it comes to smoothies. One of my favorites right now is a blueberry and banana smoothie. I just place the ingredients in a plastic baggie and toss in the freezer until I’m ready to use it. If you plan on using bananas I suggest slicing it before it’s frozen to help it blend better. I prefer to buy frozen fruit and separate it into the baggies. For a liquid I use milk but you can also use water. Adding Greek yogurt makes it creamy.

My other go-tos that don’t involve prepping is Greek yogurt, a protein bar or protein shake. I currently love Premier Protein.