Ornament Wreath

I stayed up late the other night after work to put up our Christmas tree. I had a bunch of ornaments left over because there are too many to put on our small tree. I started brainstorming what I could do with the left overs. I then decided to mimic some ornament wreaths we are selling at work (for $50 each).


I free handed it instead of using a wreath structure. You could use metal or foam. Heck you could even tape two ends of a swimming pool noodle and make a big one if you wanted.

All you need for this project is

  • ornaments (a couple different sizes)
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • wreath shape

you can also add in

  • greenery
  • ribbon
  • string lighting

You want to start on the outside of the wreath first, then the inner circle. After that it’s just a matter of adding a new layer and filling in the gaps.

pro tip- I made sure to mix the glittery/shiny bulbs with some of the duller ones to have a good visual diversity.

Also be sure of each placement because after they are glued together it can be a little hard to separate them. Not impossible, just difficult.


Bar Cart Recipe Book


I’ve been wanting to make a drink recipe book for a while now and finally made one this afternoon. I used card stock, a pen, a ruler, scissors and crayons to make this project.


My card stock is 12×12 so I used the ruler to divide it into 4 squares of 6×6. Then I just drew the drinks I wanted to have in the book, and listed the recipes next to the drawing of the drink.


After I had all four sections done, I’d cut along the lines and set them aside until I had all the cards I wanted for the book.

Once they were all drawn out and had the recipes written down, it was just a matter of adding color.


For now the pages will be bound by 3 rings until I can find a mini scrapbook that is the right size.


Button Hotair Balloon Artwork


I made this button artwork for my daughter’s nursery. It was a simple, fast project and it is a nice addition to her room.


Different size buttons
Hot glue gun
Color pencils
8×11 paper
8×11 picture frame

b-1Place the buttons in a circle pattern. Overlap the different colors and sizes.


Trace out the strings and basket below the buttons. You can use a ruler or freehand the design.



Hope you enjoy this textured art piece.