Ornament Wreath

I stayed up late the other night after work to put up our Christmas tree. I had a bunch of ornaments left over because there are too many to put on our small tree. I started brainstorming what I could do with the left overs. I then decided to mimic some ornament wreaths we are selling at work (for $50 each).


I free handed it instead of using a wreath structure. You could use metal or foam. Heck you could even tape two ends of a swimming pool noodle and make a big one if you wanted.

All you need for this project is

  • ornaments (a couple different sizes)
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • wreath shape

you can also add in

  • greenery
  • ribbon
  • string lighting

You want to start on the outside of the wreath first, then the inner circle. After that it’s just a matter of adding a new layer and filling in the gaps.

pro tip- I made sure to mix the glittery/shiny bulbs with some of the duller ones to have a good visual diversity.

Also be sure of each placement because after they are glued together it can be a little hard to separate them. Not impossible, just difficult.


Gift Name Tags

Wrapping presents has always been fun to me. Even as a kid I took pride in the fact that I could wrap my own gifts for others and get the corners right without help from our mom, unlike Kayla lol.

This year for the holiday season, I wanted to do a little nicer job at wrapping gifts for loved ones instead of tossing stuff into bags and calling it good, like I did last year. But I also don’t want to have to pay a whole lot more just to make it look good.


This project was pretty simple. I used scotch glitter tape because using loose glitter or spray glitter gets messy. I bought two different colors for some variation. Each package of tags came with twine and 20 tags. I needed two packages of tags but that amount needed will vary on person. The only other item you need for this project is some scissors. All items can be found in the crafting section in Walmart and the whole project cost $9.

I laid out a few tags at a time to work in small batches in case of interruption (interruptions are a given when you have a 5 month old baby).

Next you’ll roll out the tape to cover the width of the tag and trim it at the edges for a clean finish. Repeat until you have the desired height. The first one I made I went with three stripes high, but I ended up making the rest of them only two stripes tall.


Happy crafting.

Coffee Table Makeover

Tucked away in the far back corner of our old garage sat a beat up coffee table that I had never seen before. It had been abandoned by an old roommate of Dillon’s. It was covered in nicks and a nice chunk of wood was missing from one of the four legs. I thought about putting it on the curb for someone to pick up but I changed my mind and moved it to our new home.


Ever since I received my power sander for Christmas two years ago I had been itching for a furniture project. I decided to turn this old coffee table into a bench for additional seating in our home. This is how I did it.

What you’ll need:
Sand paper
A power sander (if you don’t have one you can do this by hand)
Stain/Paint remover
New stain or paint



These nicks and scratches needed to go. They were easily sanded out.



My arm started to get tired from all that sanding so I called in a helper.


I applied a layer of stripper to the table and let it sit for about 10 minutes. I then began scraping off the stain with a scraper. After I scraped as much as I could I began sanding. I didn’t sand this piece down perfectly. I left spots of the original stain on the legs and sides to give it a distressed look.


I think I despise stripping wood more than sanding it. It took me two applications of stripper and a lot of head scratching to finally realize the top of the table was fake vinyl but the rest of it was real wood. Lesson learned haha



The first coat of white paint dried beautifully.

I used a black paint to cover the top of the table. After it dried it only needed a light second coat. The table originally had two bars running across the legs but one side was missing. The other was missing a chunk of wood. I contemplated replacing them but decided to remove it.


The finished bench is tucked away in our front entryway. I love it.


Glitter Wine Bottles

I’m a huge fan of glitter and wine so when the time came to start brainstorming wedding table decorations I combined my favorites. I’ve dreamed of my wedding day since I was a little girl but even when I was younger I didn’t want to blow a bunch of money on one special day (I was oddly economical as a child)

On the weekends I would occasionally hang out with friends and chat over a bottle of wine. After the last drop was poured into my glass I began collecting the empty bottles. Glass vases aren’t cheap so I decided to use the glass bottles as décor but I wasn’t sure what to do with them. After I had about 20 bottles I decided to spray paint them and add glitter. With the help of my mom we created a golden wedding table treasure.

-A wine bottle (any size will do. I used different sizes)
-Glitter, any color of your choosing
– Mod Podge
-Sponge paint brush
– Spray paint, any color of your choosing
-Newspaper (to make clean up easier)

The first step of course is to empty the bottle. Cheers! If you don’t like wine you can always enlist the help of friends who do and ask them to collect bottles for you.


Place the wine bottles in hot, soapy water to make the label removal process easier on you. Once the bottle is clean and dry take them outside and spray paint them. *Tip* Don’t spray too closely to the bottle or the paint will run down the bottle and dry that way.*

Once the paint is dry, dip your brush into the Mod Podge and paint on a thin layer. I only painted mine half way up. Over the newspaper sprinkle your glitter over the glue until it is coated to your liking. Then set aside to dry.

20160905_182958.jpgI’m thinking about adding some purple to mine later on. I think these will look pretty neat at our wedding reception.


Fall Wreath

Our mom decorates the house whenever the seasons change and decorating for fall and Christmas are my two favorites to help with. Since this is Ken and I’s first house I wanted to start some of our own traditions but this is one of my mom’s traditions that I wanted to keep. I don’t have many decorations so I ended up getting creative and making some of my own. Plus making my own wreath was much cheaper than buying one. $8.50 via local Walmart.


I made a wreath back in Spring for the front door when we were still living in an apartment. So I just took off the spring flowers and redecorated the wicker wreath with Autumn foliage.


I used 2 bundles of each leaf color and 1 of the sunflowers. I couldn’t find my wire cutters so I used a similar tool to separate them into individual stems.


Then it was just a matter of wrapping the stems around and throughout the wreath. I attached the sunflowers first since they were the biggest, and then filled in the gaps with the leaves.


All finished. Just hang it up and enjoy the pop of color on your front door.



Bar Cart Recipe Book


I’ve been wanting to make a drink recipe book for a while now and finally made one this afternoon. I used card stock, a pen, a ruler, scissors and crayons to make this project.


My card stock is 12×12 so I used the ruler to divide it into 4 squares of 6×6. Then I just drew the drinks I wanted to have in the book, and listed the recipes next to the drawing of the drink.


After I had all four sections done, I’d cut along the lines and set them aside until I had all the cards I wanted for the book.

Once they were all drawn out and had the recipes written down, it was just a matter of adding color.


For now the pages will be bound by 3 rings until I can find a mini scrapbook that is the right size.


Button Hotair Balloon Artwork


I made this button artwork for my daughter’s nursery. It was a simple, fast project and it is a nice addition to her room.


Different size buttons
Hot glue gun
Color pencils
8×11 paper
8×11 picture frame

b-1Place the buttons in a circle pattern. Overlap the different colors and sizes.


Trace out the strings and basket below the buttons. You can use a ruler or freehand the design.



Hope you enjoy this textured art piece.