Coffee Table Makeover

Tucked away in the far back corner of our old garage sat a beat up coffee table that I had never seen before. It had been abandoned by an old roommate of Dillon’s. It was covered in nicks and a nice chunk of wood was missing from one of the four legs. I thought about putting it on the curb for someone to pick up but I changed my mind and moved it to our new home.


Ever since I received my power sander for Christmas two years ago I had been itching for a furniture project. I decided to turn this old coffee table into a bench for additional seating in our home. This is how I did it.

What you’ll need:
Sand paper
A power sander (if you don’t have one you can do this by hand)
Stain/Paint remover
New stain or paint



These nicks and scratches needed to go. They were easily sanded out.



My arm started to get tired from all that sanding so I called in a helper.


I applied a layer of stripper to the table and let it sit for about 10 minutes. I then began scraping off the stain with a scraper. After I scraped as much as I could I began sanding. I didn’t sand this piece down perfectly. I left spots of the original stain on the legs and sides to give it a distressed look.


I think I despise stripping wood more than sanding it. It took me two applications of stripper and a lot of head scratching to finally realize the top of the table was fake vinyl but the rest of it was real wood. Lesson learned haha



The first coat of white paint dried beautifully.

I used a black paint to cover the top of the table. After it dried it only needed a light second coat. The table originally had two bars running across the legs but one side was missing. The other was missing a chunk of wood. I contemplated replacing them but decided to remove it.


The finished bench is tucked away in our front entryway. I love it.


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