Guest Bathroom Makeover


The guest bathroom before.


The guest bathroom before.


We have lived in our new home for a little over a month now. We are loving the extra space. Before we moved in I decided to paint a few rooms. Every single room in the house was tan. In some rooms I don’t really mind the tan but in others I really do.

The first room I tackled (with the help of my paint loving mother-in-law) is the guest bathroom. I absolutely love blue and I think this color really helped make this bathroom pop.


I found this fun shower curtain at Walmart. I love the design and how it ties in with the paint.



When we first moved in we had a minor electrical issue in our master bathroom. No power = showering in the dark. As a result of that we used this bathroom for about two weeks hence the shelving with various bathroom items. Now our master is fully working (yay jacuzzi tub) and this bathroom is for our visitors. It’s also one of the rooms my cat likes to hang out in. Not sure why.


I plan on framing this mirror and sharing the tutorial on the blog at a later time. This room isn’t completely finished but I’m loving the progress so far.

What do you think? Leave us a comment below.




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