Campfires and Hikes

This past weekend my family traveled down to Ponca, Arkansas for a fall hiking trip. They visit Ponca twice a year, once in May and then again in October. The weather this October was unusually warm during the day but the nights were nice and chilly. We all gravitated to the campfire at night. We stayed in a bunkhouse at Lost Valley Canoe and Lodging. Our neighbors on the other side of the bunkhouse joined us around the campfire Saturday night to enjoy some music. Our neighbor brought a fiddle which was a nice addition to the guitar we brought.



Saturday morning we hiked down the Indian Creek Trail to the Eye of the Needle. We had done this hike in May when there was lots of water in the creek bed. It’s a rough 3 miles in 3 miles out hike but was a tad bit easier without the water. There are a lot of slick spots on the rocks and I fell pretty hard on the way out of the creek. #bruisedbum The last time we did this hike we scaled a bluff known as the cathedral and thought we had made it to the Eye of the Needle. Turns out we were wrong. We were determined to make it to our destination this time and it was totally worth it.



Indian Creek Trail.




Indian Creek Trail



In order to get to the Eye of the Needle you must scale the Cathedral with ropes and crawl through a small tunnel.



The Eye of the Needle is pictured behind us. When there is a heavy rain a waterfall comes gushing through the eye.

When we made it to the Eye of the Needle people were propelling off the top of it. You can see a man propelling at the very top of the picture above. It looked like a lot of fun but you’d never catch me doing that. I wish the waterfall was running through it while we were there but it was still beautiful.

Sunday morning we visited Hawksbill Craig, which is also known as Whittaker Point. It was a gorgeous hike.


I’m hoping the weather stays nice a little while longer so Dillon and I can hike on trails in Missouri. Where are some of your favorite hiking spots? Leave me a comment below.




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