$50 Yard Facelift


We moved into this house about a month ago and the front and back yard have sizable dead spots. We don’t spend too much time in the backyard because it’s been so hot. So instead of tackling that big project, I opted for the smaller project of the front yard. Luckily stores are doing seasonal clearance this time of year which allowed me to get all the supplies for cheap. $50 to be exact.


Figure out plant placement. I picked shade loving plants since it’s a dead area with little sun exposure.I also got three different types of plants for a good variation.


Lay out the plant liner to kill unwanted greens.

Add mulch, color of your choosing. For this space I used 4 bags of red mulch. 1.96 a bag via the local Walmart.



I then finished off with some solar lights for the pathway. 96 cents each. 8 used in total.



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